Don’t Trust Your Neighbors

Don't Trust Your Neighbors--Early Albanian Traditional Songs and Improvisations, 1920s-1930s--This vinyl LP will be released in mid-2011. Produced by Christopher King for Long Gone Sound ProductionsGraphic Design by Susan ArchieOriginal Art by Robert Crumb


  1. I’ve got the Mississipi/Nagoski records (though, not Black Mirror) as well as some of the Honest Jon’s EMI stuff, so this looks right up my alley. Good luck, Hinter!
    Prince Asbo of Thrifty Vinyl

  2. Masterpiece. Every aspect perfect.
    Allan Evans
    Arbiter of Cultural Traditions

    • Thanks, Mr. Evans. I have noticed your work (and have coveted some of the early Japanese/Balinese stuff) and tip my hat.


  3. ~ oH mY ~
    This Album is Impressive in SO many ways. The liner notes are enthralling & the art work is audaciously authentic & the music defies description.
    I listened to the record as I read the liner notes & my personal observation is that this album is a continuation of the Albanian sentiment.
    It validates the universal resolve to resist conformity & perpetuate the cultural & individual behaviors innate to the human animal.
    ~ A Masterwork ~

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